The following are some examples of enhancements which can be included into your ceremony. These can be customised to your liking.

Unity Candle

This symbolises joining together individuals as a couple (e.g. wedding or vow renewals) or individuals as a family (e.g. baby naming or adoption celebrations) through the medium of light. Three candles are used here: two outer candles and a central (unity) candle. For weddings, a couple can light the outer candles or opt for two loved ones to do so. The couple then light the remaining central (unity) candle from the flame of the outer candles, symbolising their unity forever. The same concept applies for baby naming, newly blended families or adoption celebrations.

Ring Warming

This is a unique way to involve all your guests in the ceremony. Prior to the exchange of rings, all present are invited to hold your wedding rings for a moment and to infuse them with their love, wishes and hopes for you both, and your future together.

Sand Ceremony

Sand (alternatively water /earth) can be used to symbolise the uniting of the couple, with many using sand/water/earth from both their original family homes or where the couple met. Both simultaneously pour the contents of their respective container (symbolising their strengths, personality and what they bring to this relationship) into the empty larger container. This represents the joining of these two lives together now as one.

Love Letter with Wine or Whiskey Box

This personalised box contains a favourite bottle of wine/whiskey, alongside which the couple each add in a love letter to their partner. The letters and wine/whiskey are sealed inside the box until the couple decide to reopen it. This, for example, could be on a significant anniversary, when the couple read their respective letters to remember how they fell in love. It also allows the couple to reflect on their lives together since their wedding day.

Handfasting / Tying the knot

Handfasting comes from the ancient Celtic tradition of joining the couple’s hands together during the wedding ceremony with ribbons; the couple’s hands were bound together, hence the phrase ‘tying the knot’. Couples may choose symbolic coloured ribbons, county/club colours etc. Loved ones may also be involved in the ceremony adding additional ribbons.

Jumping the Broom

This enhancement is a very popular wedding tradition for many cultures. It involves the couple jumping over a broom during the ceremony. This action symbolises a new beginning, a sweeping away of the past, and can also signify the joining of two families.

Honouring the departed

A couple’s wedding day is one of love, joy and hopes for the future. However, it may be an emotional day if the couple have lost someone near and dear to them. Many couples like to honour and acknowledge this significant person on the day by lighting a remembrance candle, setting aside a reserved seat or having a framed photograph of that person at the ceremony.

Rose Petals

This beautiful ritual can be very poignant in a baby naming ceremony and allows for the involvement of family, guardians and friends. Loved ones are invited to take a rose petal and infuse it with their love, wishes and hopes for the baby. The petals are then gently let fall onto the baby’s head or added to a bowl of water.

Hand and Footprint

During a baby naming or adoption ceremony an imprint or mould of the baby’s footprint and/or handprint is taken and kept as a memento. It can be taken in paint, clay etc. and can be framed as a keepsake for the child as they grow up.

Wish Jar

This ritual is very popular for baby naming ceremonies whereby family, guardians and friends are involved in the ceremony. Loved ones are invited to write a message of love, wishes and hopes for the child. These notes are then stored safely for the parents and child to read in the future.

Tree planting

Particularly for baby naming ceremonies, a tree planting enhancement can be incorporated into the celebration. During the ceremony, family members and/or guardians plant a seed or a baby tree, and as the baby grows, the tree will grow with them. This can also be customised into a newly blended family or house warming celebration.

Bespoke Enhancement

If there are other tailor made or unique enhancements that you would like included in your ceremony, Golden Ceremonies is happy to incorporate these. It is also possible to modify any of the enhancements outlined here and customise them to suit your unique ceremony.

Le Grá,

Mary @ Golden Ceremonies