Vow Renewals

For couples a vow renewal ceremony is reaffirming their love, promise and commitment to one another.

Many couples celebrate an anniversary with a vow renewal, either in a private intimate ceremony or with a gathering of family and friends, with others having a vow renewal ceremony as they being a new chapter in their lives.

As we emerge from the current global pandemic Vow Renewals are becoming more popular for many newly married couples who were unable to have all their loved ones with them on their special day. A vow renewal will allow you to celebrate with all your family and friends, in which ever form you would like – traditional, informal, casual, and have the wedding day of your dreams.

Note: Vow Renewals are usually organised by the couple, but may also be organised and/or hosted by the children of the couple, or by close friends. If you are looking to organise a vow renewal for loved ones, please look at our Bespoke Gifts section.


So what happens next?

If you and your partner are planning a vow renewal to mark a special anniversary / new chapter in your lives / host your dream wedding day, I invite you to contact me to arrange an initial free consultation via Calendly to meet with you, answer any questions you may have and start the journey of creating your wonderful ceremony.

If you are looking at hosting / gifting a Vow Renewal ceremony for others please click on Bespoke Gifts or contact me to arrange an initial free consultation via Calendly.

It is my privilege and honour to assist you with your Golden Ceremony!

Le Grá,

Mary @ Golden Ceremonies